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Online courses

What would you like to study?

Choose between our flexible 100% online courses, which have the same academic high standard as our on-campus qualifications. All of our online courses give you the opportunity to fit your studies around your work and life commitments. Sounds good right?

With our undergraduate and postgraduate courses you'll have obtained a fully accredited university degree. Our CPD short courses are all credit bearing, should you decide to study for the full degree later.

Undergraduate online courses

We have undergraduate degrees in the disciplines of business and computer science. Alongside our BA (Hons) Business Administration and BSc (Hons) Computer Science, we have a series of other programmes which include full honours degrees and level 6 top-up degrees. These allow you to apply with your existing level 4 and 5 qualifications. Find out what you can study on the dropdown below.

Postgraduate online courses

We offer a wide selection of postgraduate online degrees in a variety of subject areas. Alongside our MPH Public Health and MSc Computer Science, we have a series of programmes which include master's degrees in computer science, film, literature and mental health. Many of these programmes have exit awards at certificate and diploma level. This means that you can choose the right pathway for your career needs.

Not from an IT background? Haven't studied computer science at undergraduate (Bachelor's) level? Don't worry, you can still study certain pathways on our master's degree in computer science with study routes for non-computer science graduates.

Find out what you can study on the dropdown below.

Continued Professional Development (CPD) online courses

Not ready to commit to a full degree yet? This is a fantastic opportunity to try one module, see how online study works for you and check you're on the right path. All our courses are credit bearing. This means the credit you obtain from a short course will count towards the degree if you decide to enrol later.

CPD courses can also help if you don't meet the entry requirements for a full degree programme. For example, for BA(Hons) Business Administration, BSc(Hons) Business and Sport Management, you can sign up for one module (business and sport management) or for BA(Hons) Business Administration you can sign up for three modules. When you pass the module(s) you can enrol onto the full course.

You can engage with Continued Professional Development (CPD) at any level. We have a choice of credit bearing CPD short courses. Find out what you can study on the dropdown below.

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