Global Executive Master of Business Administration with Algorithmic Marketing (Online)

Master the Art of Marketing in the Digital Age with an MBA in Algorithmic Marketing.

The Global Executive MBA with Algorithmic Marketing at UH Online is your ticket to mastering the dynamic world of digital marketing. This innovative programme seamlessly blends MBA core principles with specialised algorithmic marketing modules, empowering graduates with a unique competitive advantage.

Online learning

Our flexible online platform allows you to embark on your MBA journey from anywhere in the world, offering the convenience of distance learning while connecting you with a diverse cohort of professionals. Our esteemed faculty and industry leaders will expertly guide you through a transformative learning experience that seamlessly combines academic rigor with practical application.

Programme structure

This programme  comprises eight core modules, each valued at 15 credits. Alongside MBA essentials, you will explore tailored algorithmic marketing modules, including "Fundamentals of AI" and "Data Analytics and Data-Driven Decision Making." These modules unravel the complexities of data-driven marketing, empowering you with AI-powered marketing strategies.

Career opportunities

Upon completing UH Online’s Global Executive MBA with Algorithmic Marketing, you unlock a world of exciting career opportunities. Whether you envision yourself as a Digital Marketing Manager, shaping digital marketing strategies, or a Marketing Technology Director, optimising marketing technology, this programme  equips you with the skills to make a meaningful impact. You could also excel as a Brand Analytics Specialist, driving brand success through data or a Chief Marketing Technologist, pioneering the future of marketing technology.

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Now is the time to invest in your future. This programme  ingeniously combines robust business acumen with cutting-edge algorithmic marketing expertise, delivering the flexibility of online learning at the forefront of relevance. Join us in the Global Executive MBA with Algorithmic Marketing and become a master of marketing in the digital age.

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