MSc Software Engineering (Online)

Craft digital excellence with our MSc in Software Engineering (Online) programme.

Intertwine your career ambitions with the flexibility of distance learning at UH Online. Immerse yourself in the realm of software craftsmanship, where code and creativity converge, shaping the digital landscape with precision.

Programme overview

Unveil the art of Software Architecture, designing scalable and robust systems. Navigate the intricacies of Cloud Computing, harnessing the power of distributed environments. Master DevOps principles, orchestrating seamless development and operations. Embrace Agile Software Development, delivering value iteratively. Delve into Software Testing and Quality Assurance, perfecting software products. Conquer Big Data Technologies, deriving insights from vast data streams. Your journey culminates with the Software Engineering Masters Project (60 Credits), a testament to your innovation.


Upon graduation from The University of Hertfordshire, diverse avenues open up. Lead software projects as a Software Development Manager. Innovate as a Solutions Architect, or optimise software processes as a DevOps Engineer. Engineer software excellence as a Quality Assurance Specialist, or orchestrate data solutions as a Big Data Engineer. This is your voyage to shape digital frontiers.

Distinctive features

  • Flexible online learning: Tailor studies to your life, wherever you are. Work full-time, study part-time, progress in real-time
  • Cutting-edge curriculum: Embrace contemporary software engineering techniques
  • Expert faculty: Learn from established professionals and pioneers
  • Applied learning: Tackle real-world problems through hands-on projects
  • Global network: Connect with diverse learners and industry experts.

Join us

Embark on your MSc in Software Engineering (Online) journey. Sculpt digital marvels and position yourself as a trailblazer in the world of software craftsmanship.