Environment and Sustainability

The University of Hertfordshire is recognised as a leader in terms of environmental management and performance, and is committed to embedding continuous environmental improvement into its business model and ethos. As such ‘positively improving our impact on the environment’ is one of the objectives set out under ‘Sustainability’ theme in the University’s Strategic Plan 2020-2025.

Our Environment and Sustainability Team actively work to make the University of Hertfordshire a more sustainable place to live, study and work.

Environmental policy

The University's Environment and Sustainability Policy (PDF - 0.12 Mb) demonstrates our commitment to reducing the University's environmental impact.

The University achieved and has maintained the international ISO 14001 standard for its Environmental Management System (EMS) since the end of 2012. Part of the EMS is to have an Environmental Policy in which the University have agreed a set of principles outlining how the University intends to support and enhance its environmental performance.

Environmental Performance Report:

The University Environmental Performance Report details how the University lives and embeds the Environmental Policy.

Sustainable purchasing and responsible procurement

The University of Hertfordshire is committed to upholding a sustainable and ethical supply chain, and considers the wider impact of its purchasing activities on the natural world and surrounding communities. It aims to embed the principles of sustainable procurement in to its business practices and ethos to ensure that its activities, products and services are transparent and meet the diverse needs of students, the economy and society both now and in the future.

Read the University’s Sustainable Purchasing Policy (PDF - 0.23 Mb).

Ethical and responsible procurement is fundamental to both the principles of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility across global markets. The University policies and procedures alongside ethical codes of the sector are championed to achieve desired aims. This practice is one which adopts a progressive approach in response to organisational and legal requirements, alongside the practices of commissioning bodies. To read more about ethical procurement, access tools and posters, please visit the Ethical Trading Initiative website.

ISO 14001 and Eco-Campus Platinum

In September 2018 the University achieved ISO 14001:2015 (PDF - 0.48 Mb).

In January 2018, the University achieved Eco-Campus Platinum.   (PDF - 0.37 Mb)

Both Environmental Management Systems allow the University to drive continuous improvements of our environmental impacts.


The Centre for Sustainable Communities (CSC) has achieved substantial progress in recent times in advancing its current four year strategy, in particular in pursuing its specified aim to establish a Research Centre in Sustainable Communities.