Financial support for UK and EU students

Invest in your future

Looking at financial support optionsThere is a range of financial support available for UK and EU students. The financial support available to you depends on various different factors such as whether you choose to study full-time or part-time, where you live and whether you want to study at undergraduate or postgraduate level.

For more details of your funding options and how to apply choose below:

Allowance for disabled students

If you have a disability or a long term medical condition, we strongly recommend that you look into your eligibility to apply for the Disabled Students’ Allowance (DSA). This allowance could provide you with the funding for disability related support to assist with your studies.

Apply for the Disabled Students’ Allowance.

More information about the DSA

Contact the University's Disability Services by email at or
call us on tel +44 (0)1707 281338 if you need more information, including alternatives available to University of Hertfordshire students who are not eligible for Disabled Students' Allowance.

Anything else?

Finding the right course is the most important decision that you need to make. The next most important thing to consider is the financial investment.

Ensuring that you can afford to study and that funding is available will help you apply for funding as soon as you can.

Visit for more information about the financial support available to university students including support for part-time study.