MSc Artificial Intelligence (Online)

Shape the algorithm with our MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Online) programme.

Infuse your career aspirations with the adaptability of distance learning at UH Online. Dive into the world of artificial intelligence, where algorithms and innovation collide, shaping the future with limitless possibilities.

Programme overview

Unravel the mysteries of Machine Learning, where data-driven insights fuel intelligent decision-making. Explore Natural Language Processing, harnessing the power of human-machine communication. Master Computer Vision, peering into the realm where machines see and understand. Comprehend the intricacies of Reinforcement Learning, creating agents that learn from their environment. Embrace the forefront of AI Research, delving into cutting-edge topics that define our technological era. Embark on the AI Masters Project (60 Credits), where you'll turn concepts into reality.


Upon graduation from The University of Hertfordshire, pathways expand in all directions. Innovate as an AI Engineer, or pioneer as a Machine Learning Specialist. Create AI-powered solutions as a Data Scientist, or lead AI strategy as an AI Consultant. Shape the future as a Robotics Engineer, or amplify business intelligence as an AI Analyst. This is your journey to shape the intelligence of tomorrow.

Distinctive features

  • Flexible online learning: Tailor studies to your life, wherever you are. Work full-time, study part-time, progress in real-time
  • Cutting-edge curriculum: Embrace contemporary AI techniques
  • Expert faculty: Learn from established professionals and pioneers
  • Applied learning: Tackle real-world challenges through hands-on projects
  • Global network: Connect with diverse learners and industry visionaries.

Join us

Embark on your MSc in Artificial Intelligence (Online) journey. Embrace the world of intelligent machines and position yourself at the forefront of technological innovation.