MSc Computer Science with Data Analytics (Online)

Explore a world where data meets destiny with UH Online's MSc in Data Analytics

Take the reins of data-driven decision-making and revolutionise the tech world with UH Online's MSc Computer Science with Data Analytics. Whether you're a budding data enthusiast or a seasoned professional looking to refine your analytical skills, this online programme is your pathway to becoming a data virtuoso.

Programme highlights

This comprehensive programme offers a perfect blend of computer science fundamentals and specialised data analytics modules. Dive deep into the world of data science, exploring mathematical foundations, data analysis techniques, and advanced algorithms. From understanding data structures and algorithms to applying data analysis methods, this programme equips you with the skills demanded in the data-driven job market.

Career-boosting modules

In this programme, you'll engage in modules like "Principles of Data Science," where you'll gain a systematic understanding of key issues in data science. "Enterprise Databases" will unravel the intricacies of relational databases, design, and management, all crucial for modern data professionals. "Data Structure and Algorithms 2" further enhances your proficiency in solving practical programming problems.

Pioneering career paths

Upon graduation, you'll find a multitude of career avenues awaiting you. Lead as a Data Scientist, leveraging data to drive business decisions. Dive into the world of Data Analysis, uncovering valuable insights as a Data Analyst. Craft data-driven strategies as a Business Intelligence Analyst, ensuring organisations stay competitive. This programme not only awards you a degree but also unlocks the door to a thriving career in data analytics. 

Join the data revolution

With flexible online learning, you have the freedom to tailor your studies to your life's demands, making it ideal for working professionals. Taught by industry experts, our programme keeps you abreast of the latest data analytics trends and practices. Engage in hands-on projects that provide practical experience in handling complex datasets. Connect with a global network of peers and mentors who share your passion for data analytics.

Seize your data analytics future

Embark on your MSc Computer Science with Data Analytics (Online) journey today and position yourself as a data virtuoso in the digital era.