MSc Data Science and Analytics (Online)

Unveil insights with our MSc Data and Analytics (Online) programme.

Intertwine your career aspirations with the flexibility of distance learning at UH Online. Dive into the world of data-driven decision-making, harnessing the power of information to navigate complex business landscapes.

Programme overview

Navigate the realm of Data Visualisation, creating impactful data stories. Master Advanced Data Analytics, extracting insights from diverse datasets. Embrace the intricacies of Machine Learning, unlocking predictive potential. Conquer Big Data Technologies, shaping strategies for data management. Delve into Business Intelligence, transforming data into actionable insights. Your journey culminates with the Data and Analytics Masters Project (60 Credits), a testament to your analytical acumen.


Upon graduation from The University of Hertfordshire, diverse avenues beckon. Become a Data Scientist, uncovering hidden patterns. Lead as a Business Intelligence Analyst, driving strategic decisions. Optimise operations as a Data Engineer, or guide strategies as a Data Analyst. This is your voyage to harness the power of data.

Distinctive features

  • Flexible online learning: Tailor your studies to your life, wherever you are. Work full-time, study part-time, progress in real-time
  • Cutting-edge curriculum: Embrace contemporary data and analytics techniques
  • Expert faculty: Learn from established professionals and pioneers
  • Applied learning: Tackle real-world problems through hands-on projects
  • Global network: Connect with diverse learners and industry leaders.

Join us

Embark on your MSc Data and Analytics (Online) journey. Unleash the potential of data and position yourself as a visionary in the realm of data-driven innovation.