MA Global Film and Television (Online)

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of cinematic and small-screen entertainment with University of Hertfordshire's Online Global MA in Film and Television.

Designed for aspiring scholars and industry thought leaders, this comprehensive distance learning masters programme offers a deep pan-cultural exploration into the art of visual storytelling.


Delve into the rich tapestry of cinematic history with Film Histories (15 Credits). Gain insights into the evolution of film techniques, genres, and movements, acquiring a comprehensive understanding of the influential works that have shaped the industry.

Explore the intricate interplay of style and meaning in Film and Television (30 Credits). Analyse the visual and narrative elements that bring stories to life and develop a deep understanding of the visual and narrative motifs across global film and television

Examine the portrayal of violence in different cultural contexts with Global Screen Violence (15 Credits). Explore the societal implications and ethical considerations surrounding the depiction of violence, developing a nuanced comprehension of its impact on audiences.

Master the art of film curation with Screen Curation (30 Credits), preparing you for a potential career path as a film curator. Learn to curate captivating film programmes, organise film festivals, and provide insightful critiques that engage and enlighten diverse audiences.

Research focus

Develop essential research skills through Research Methods 1: Critical and Theoretical Debates (15 Credits) and Research Methods 2: Advanced Research Skills (15 Credits). Acquire the tools necessary to conduct rigorous academic research, empowering you to contribute to the field of film and television studies as an academic or researcher. These modules prepare you for your Final Dissertation Project (60 Credits) where you will explore a relevant film and television area of research.

Study online, work part-time, progress in real time.

Throughout this flexible, part-time programme, you can explore various career pathways, including film critic, film journalist, academic, and film curator. With an MA in Film and Television, you have the opportunity to start unlocking exciting opportunities in film production companies, media agencies, academic institutions, and cultural organisations.

Experience the flexibility of distance learning, allowing you to pursue your studies while balancing work and family commitments. Engage in interactive coursework from anywhere in the world, collaborating with industry professionals and fellow students who will help shape your view of work and your career through expanding your network, and forging valuable connections. Alongside this collaborative model is a digital support and resource system. Access a vast library of resources such as academic papers and books to enhance your learning experience. Participate in student support sessions and student orientation activities that bring the campus to your home. 


Apply today for UH Online's distance learning Global MA in Film and Television programme. Unleash your potential as a critical thinker, and industry influencer. Prepare for a rewarding career in the world of film and television. To request more information and to discover your eligibility view our programme page to dive deeper into the programme and its structure.