MSc Computer Science with Software Engineering (Online)

Forge the Future of Software at UH Online

Elevate your software engineering prowess and redefine the digital landscape with UH Online's MSc Computer Science with Software Engineering. This immersive online programme is your gateway to becoming a software virtuoso, whether you're an aspiring coder or a tech professional aiming to amplify your programming skills.

Programme highlights

Our comprehensive programme seamlessly melds core computer science principles with specialised software engineering modules. You'll delve deep into the intricacies of designing, building, and optimising software systems. From mastering the fundamentals of software engineering to advanced topics like AI programming, this programme ensures you're equipped with the skills demanded by the tech industry. 

Career-boosting modules

In this programme, you'll immerse yourself in modules like "Principles of AI Programming," where you'll explore the underlying principles of AI programming techniques. "Fundamentals of Software Engineering" will equip you with knowledge and skills in software engineering processes, crucial for developing robust software solutions. Additionally, modules like "Principles of Machine Learning" and "Data Structure and Algorithms 2" provide a solid foundation in both computer science and software engineering.

Pioneering career paths

Upon graduation, a myriad of career possibilities await. Lead as a Software Development Manager, orchestrating innovative software solutions. Guide digital futures as a Solutions Architect, designing cutting-edge software systems. Optimise software processes as a DevOps Engineer, ensuring swift and efficient development. Ensure software quality as a Quality Assurance Specialist, guaranteeing flawless applications. Or unlock insights as a Big Data Engineer, harnessing the power of data. This programme not only grants you a degree but also opens doors to a thriving software engineering career. 

Join the software revolution

With flexible online learning, you can tailor your studies to fit your life's demands, making it ideal for those with busy schedules. Taught by industry experts, our programme keeps you updated with the latest software engineering trends and practices. Engage in hands-on projects that provide practical experience in solving real-world challenges. Connect with a global network of peers and mentors who share your passion for software engineering.

Seize your software engineering future

Embark on your MSc Computer Science with Software Engineering (Online) journey today and position yourself as a software virtuoso in the digital era.