Coming to campus this autumn

A big Hello from Herts!

We are excited to welcome you onto campus soon!

The start of term is an exciting time in the academic year. A time for a fresh start, reuniting with friends, or making new ones, and a time to try new activities and gain new skills.

Given the current situation, we understand some of you may feel anxious about what your start of term will look like. We are currently working on getting our campuses ready so we can ensure that regardless of whether you are returning to campus, or coming on to campus for the first time, your start of term experience prepares you for the year ahead and provides a safe and supportive learning environment from the start.

We’ve put these pages together to help you find all the information you will need before the start of term, to give you an idea of what to expect, how we're preparing for your arrival and to let you know about all the services and support that will be available once you are on campus.

You can contact us directly for any questions left unanswered or refer to our FAQs.