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The Festival of Ideas Reimagined launches virtually on Sunday 28th June. Through exhibitions, thought pieces and fascinating talks, we’ll be celebrating the way the arts and literature sustain us through crisis, whilst exploring what our world might look like post pandemic.

Festival of Ideas Reimagined

Online game teaches social distancing

Social distancing game

A new online game that teaches the importance of social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic has been launched. Created by Professor Richard Wiseman and French video game developer Martin Jacob.

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Calls for volunteers to help businesses in crisis

Business student at home

The Volunteer Business Support Scheme aims to help hundreds of Hertfordshire businesses struggling in the current climate, through volunteers with business experience providing remote peer-to-peer support.

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Producing hand sanitiser to help keep the NHS safe

Bottles of hand sanitiser

A team of technical staff at the University of Hertfordshire has produced a batch of hand sanitiser to bolster NHS and social care supplies.

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Testing PPE effectiveness against COVID-19

Scientist testing equipment on patient

“It is critically important that healthcare professionals are using the best protection available to them and have confidence that their PPE will remain effective against the virus, no matter what they’re doing and where they’re working. We’re pleased to be making this significant contribution to the COVID-19 response.”

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