Global Executive Master of Business Administration with Sustainability (Online)

Equip yourself with the knowledge, tools and mindset that will help you lead the way to a sustainable future.

The Global Executive MBA with Sustainability at UH Online is an innovative and forward-looking programme designed to empower aspiring leaders with the knowledge and skills to excel in today's ever-changing business landscape. Combining the core principles of an MBA with a dedicated focus on sustainability and the circular economy, this programme provides graduates with a distinct competitive advantage.

Studying online

Through our flexible online platform, you can embark on your MBA journey from anywhere in the world, benefiting from the convenience of distance learning while engaging with a diverse and global cohort of professionals. Our esteemed faculty, industry experts, and thought leaders will guide you through a transformative learning experience that blends rigorous academic content with practical applications.

Programme design

The programme consists of eight core modules, each worth 15 credits. In addition to the fundamental MBA components, you will delve into specialised sustainability-focused modules such as "Sustainability in a Global Context" and "Sustainability and Organisations." These modules explore the intricate connections between sustainability, business practices, and global challenges. You will gain insights into stakeholder dynamics, sustainable development, and the role of governments, NGOs, and corporations in driving positive change.

Career opportunities

Upon completion of the Global Executive MBA with Sustainability, a world of exciting career opportunities awaits you. Whether you aspire to become an Impact Investment Manager, driving socially responsible investments, or a Circular Economy Consultant, guiding organisations towards resource efficiency, this programme equips you with the skills to make a meaningful impact. You can also excel as a Sustainability Manager, leading environmental responsibility within organisations, or leverage your strategic acumen to become a Director, shaping strategies and fostering growth.

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At UH Online, we believe that now is the time to bet on yourself and make your first move towards a sustainable future. Our programme combines cutting-edge business skills with a sustainability focus, offering you the flexibility of online learning at the forefront of relevance. Join us in the Global Executive MBA with Sustainability programme and unleash your leadership potential while driving positive change in the world.

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