MSc Social and Organisational Psychology (Online)

Empower Organisational Transformation: Engage with the Online Psychology MSc

Discover the Online MSc in Social and Organisational Psychology at the University of Hertfordshire, designed to explore the fascinating world of social psychology research and its applications in the workplace. With a focus on evidence-based practice, this programme equips you with the knowledge and skills to evaluate behaviour, make informed recommendations, and enhance well-being in organisational settings.

Decipher human dynamics

The MSc in Social and Organisational Psychology delves into the complexities of human thoughts, feelings, and behaviours influenced by others. Explore social influence, attitudes, stereotyping, and relationships. Apply psychological principles to understand and improve workplace environments, culture, leadership, and change dynamics.

Embark on a journey of research and practice

Immerse yourself in a transformative intellectual journey with modules like "Wellbeing and Work," examining the impact of work on individual stress and well-being. Critically consider "Culture Change and Leadership," evaluating leadership and cultural complexities within organisations. Gain insight into "The Workplace and Psychology," applying psychological theories to various workplace contexts.

Develop advanced research skills

Equip yourself with advanced research methodologies through modules like "Methods of Collecting Data in Psychology" and "Using Data to Assess Research Questions." Learn to design investigations, analyse data, and communicate research findings to academic and professional audiences.

Make a meaningful impact

The Advanced Psychology Project enables you to conduct independent research under supervision, drawing on psychological methodologies. Retrieve information, design studies, collect and analyse data, and draw insightful conclusions relevant to the discipline of psychology.

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Join UH Online's MSc in Social and Organisational Psychology and delve into the intricate world of human behaviour in organisational settings. Unravel the complexities, drive meaningful change, and embark on a rewarding journey of understanding and transforming workplaces.