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If this is your first year at Herts, make sure you also read our guidance for new students and what to expect when you arrive on campus.

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Welcome to our January 2024 pre-arrival guide. It is important that you take time to read this in full before you join us on campus.

We are excited to welcome you onto campus soon! Before we reach that exciting start date, there are a few things that you need to do.

  • Once you have received your CAS from us you'll need to apply for your Student visa.
  • Secure your accommodation. This can either be on campus or off campus using a PAL accredited landlord. You must ensure you live within a 2 hour commute or 30 mile radius from campus.
  • Book your flights to the UK.
  • You will be able to set up your University account and then access your Joining Instructions around a month before your course begins. Once you receive your credentials you can set up your MFA and Online Registration before you arrive in the UK. Your next stage will be to complete a Face-to-face Registration Appointment when you arrive in the UK.
  • Travel to the UK once you have had your visa confirmed.

Pre-arrival guide sections

Before you travel to the UK Start dates Ready to travel? Once you arrive

Pre-departure webinar

If you are unable to join one of our live sessions, you can watch the recording of one of our Pre-departure webinars. We will circulate the recording once it is ready.

BRP collection

  • If you have set your BRP to come to the University (using ACL 2HE462) you will be able to collect this during your face-to-face registration appointment.
  • If you have set your BRP to collect from a local Post Office, you do not normally need an appointment to collect, but you should check their opening times. Please note, the most local Post Office to the University with BRP collection facilities is in Hatfield town centre.

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Date of last update: 9 November 2023