Our partnerships

Collaboration and partnership are essential to the ethos of Herts. We seek out the unique opportunities inherent to each of our relationships which will best serve society, informing our work with the strength of collective knowledge and understanding; discovering where to move next, and innovating together.

Powering potential through community partnership

At Herts, we want to empower our students and staff to build successful careers – to dream big, and bring those dreams to life. We help to bring out the best in our people by living our core values of being ‘Friendly, Ambitious, Collegiate, Enterprising and Student focused’ (FACES).

Together, we embrace challenges and celebrate the deep curiosity that ignites the spark of life-changing innovation. We take great pride in being part of a community which is respectful, inclusive and collaborative, working in partnership to maximise the potential of everyone who studies and works here.

We are proud of our strong links with the local community, and collaborate with local statutory agencies to promote student safety and community cohesion.

Our Education Liaison and Outreach team works closely with schools and colleges to support higher education and access to the University of Hertfordshire. Similarly, the Widening Access and Student Success (WASS) team focuses on removing those barriers which inhibit academic progression for underrepresented demographics—each opening the door to brighter futures all around!

Fostering connections for Hertfordshire's small business

As one of only 20 recognised University Enterprise Zones in the UK to we are committed to boosting the economy and employment, expanding opportunities for new and growing businesses.

Our all-campus incubator provides access to our world-class academic expertise and specialist facilities, helping us to connect businesses with the contacts and skills they need most to achieve their growth potential. Thousands of of small businesses and start-ups have benefited by turning powerful new ideas into commercial realities.

In the past five years alone, through Exemplas, part of the University of Hertfordshire group, we’ve supported 19,000 small businesses to dream even bigger by expanding their trading capacity beyond our shores. 2018’s Hertfordshire Science Partnership opened new opportunities for small businesses in the Agri-Technology and life sciences sector.

Over 150 regional employers have also benefited from our partnerships, strengthening their workforce with graduate placements, professional development, and around 850 active apprenticeships.

Our passion for collaboration truly shines with our eight on-going Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs). With £1.7 million worth of expertise, we are powering progress in research and development, opening the doors for new vision, new ideas, and new enterprise to deliver real and lasting change.

Enduring international partnerships

As a globally engaged university, we transform lives by providing international opportunities for students and staff, building a diverse community on our campus, and increasing flexible programme delivery for the overseas market.

Around 5,000 students currently study University of Hertfordshire qualifications within our global partner network (PDF - 0.16 Mb) of institutions. These high-quality partnerships help us to develop new provision and expanded modes of learning which meet global skills needs.

Our strong links with multinationals like IBM, PWC, Jaguar Land Rover, Warner Bros and P&G provide extensive opportunities for Herts graduates to gain work experience in some of the world’s leading companies.

We are proud to be a participant of the QE-TNE scheme, which independently measures quality across the UK’s Transnational Education sector and promotes continued evaluation, improvement, and collaboration on a global scale.

You can read more about how to access study abroad opportunities with our partner organisations, and our International Partnerships Team is glad to answer your queries about our academic and collaborative partnerships.

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