Weight and Obesity Research Group

The Weight and Obesity Research Group is interested in the study of weight and obesity management, eating behaviours and eating disorders.

This interdisciplinary group brings together researchers from various Schools across the University of Hertfordshire and supports the University’s Food and Health & Wellbeing research themes. The research interests and expertise of group members cover all aspects of weight and obesity identification, prevention, management and treatment from different disciplinary perspectives (including marketing, geography, pharmacy, psychology, public health, sociology and sports science) and professional positions (including primary care, public health, nursing and other allied health professions).

The group is convened by Dr Samantha Rogers, Research Fellow in Food and Public Health in the Centre for Research in Public Health and Community Care (CRIPACC). Contact Samantha on s.rogers7@herts.ac.uk.

Group members

Members of the group are involved in a number of research projects and supervision of PhD projects. Members meet several times a year and collaborate on research funding proposals. The Group is interested in working with relevant external stakeholders.

Full academic profile can be found by clicking on members' names.

Weight and Obesity Research Group members
Group member Area of interest
Dr Samantha Rogers Psychology, Weight Gain, Infant and Child Feeding Practices, Parent-Child Interaction
Richard Adams Urban Design
Dr Zoe Aslanpour Pharmacy
Sandra-Eve Bamigbade Picky/Fussy Eating, Family Mealtimes
Professor David Barling Food Policy, Food Systems Governance, Food Supply Security, and the Political Economy of Food and Agriculture
Emily Beadle Psychology
Dr Lindsay Bottoms Sports Science and Physical Activity, Thermoregulatory Responses
Prof Fiona Brooks Social Sciences, Qualitative and Quantitative Methods, Children/Young People
Dr Frances Bunn Evidence Based Practice/Systematic Reviews
Dr Hui Yun Chan Public Health & Policy, Legal & Ethical Issues in Medicine
Dr Gill Craig Public Health & Social Science, Feeding Practices and Disability, Inclusion Health
Gill Cuffaro Nutrition and Dietetics
Fiona Deans Sports Science & Physical Activity
Dr Angela Dickinson Social Sciences, Public Health Nutrition, Qualitative Methods, Adults/Older Adults, Nursing
Dr Maria Dimitriadi Neurodegeneration, Motor Neuron Diseases, C. elegans
Dr John Done Psychology
Dr Rosalind Fallaize Dietary Assessment, Nutritional Genomics, Health Inequalities
Professor Bruce Fitt Epidemiology, modelling, forecasting, diagnosis and control of diseases of arable crops in relation to climate change
Rhian Hollyer Herts Sports Partnership
Neil Howlett Health Psychology, Behaviour Change, Physical Activity
Dr Ariadne Kapetanaki Food Policy, Marketing, Social Sciences
Lindsy Kass Sports Science & Physical Activity
Dr Saskia Keville Psychology
Linda Knowles Nutrition and Dietetics
Dr Angela Madden Nutrition and Dietetics, including energy expenditure predictions
Josefine Magnusson Primary Care, Social Sciences, Qualitative and Quantitative Methods, Children/Young People
Dr Barbara Mason Clinical Psychology, Emotionally Driven Eating, Bariatric Surgery, NHS Obesity Services
Jane McClinchy Nutrition and Dietetics, qualitative research, nutrition information
Roisin Mooney Psychology, Prevalence and Motivations of Supplement Use, Qualitative Methods
Dr Samantha Murray Weight Loss Surgeries, Public Health Pedagogies, Intersections Between Eating Practices, Gendered Embodiment, and Youth
Dr Susan Parham Social Sciences, Urban Design, Planning and Urbanism
Deborah Pearlman-Hougie Geography, Children's Geographies, Family Geographies, Rural Geography
Surinder Phull Family mealtime experiences
Professor Elizabeth Pike Sociology of Sport, Ageing, Sport and Physical Activity, Women and Sport
Dr Guy Saward Internet Information Retrieval, Technology Enhanced Learning
Rosalind Sharpe Food Policy, Industry, Supply Chains, Sustainability
Bobbie Smith Psychology, Sensory Sensitivity, Eating Behaviours, Neurodevelopmental disorders
Dr Jonathan Tammam Nutrition and Dietetics, Supplementary Nutrition, Intervention Trials, Clinical Malnutrition Screening
Dr Amy Tanner Sports Science & Physical Activity, Exercise Physiology, Hormonal and Immune Response to Exercise
Dr Daksha Trivedi Evidence Based Practice/Systematic Reviews
Dr Nick Troop Psychology, Health Psychology, Eating Disorders, Self-Compassion/Reassurance
Dr Katerina Vafeiadou Nutrition and Dietetics, Effects of Diet and Health on Chronic Disease Risk
Dr Lisa Whiting Nursing and Allied Health Professions, Children/Young People
Prof Wendy Wills Social Sciences, Public Health Nutrition, Qualitative and Quantitative Methods, Children/Young People