Enterprise and Value

Our vision is to identify and facilitate value creation between enterprises (including social ventures) and their customers.

In the Enterprise and Value research group at the Hertfordshire Business School, we use multi-disciplinary approaches to understand how value is (co-)created, where and how it is captured, used, and re-configured, in a number of different contexts. We also use conceptual frameworks and new methodological approaches to examine financial leverage, systems and sustainability. Our research also covers other areas where value can be examined such as accounting and finance.

We produce internationally excellent research by bringing together academics from areas with a broad interest in the value proposition including:

  • Marketing and Enterprise
  • Business Value and Analytics
  • The Visitor Economy (which includes contributions from Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management - THEM)

In Marketing and Enterprise, we consider the value creation process in a number of organizational contexts, including business to business, business to consumer, government and social ventures.

In Business Value and Analytics, we focus on financial perspectives of value, and through business analytics provide insights to help optimize value streams.

We consider the basic essence of the Visitor Economy to be value creation between businesses and consumers in leisure settings.

Anna Watson headshot

Anna Watson

Dr Anna Watson is a Reader in Marketing, with research interests in franchising, entrepreneurship and social enterprise.

Anna is one the UK’s leading academics in franchising, having published widely in the area, and has undertaken a number of projects on behalf of the British Franchise Association. She is a Visiting Professor at the University of Rennes, where she contributes to their Franchising Master’s programmes.

Meet the team

Doctoral students

PhD students are valued members of our research community. We encourage potential applicants to browse the list of the group members to get more information about their areas of expertise.

Current PhD students include:

StudentResearch project titleProgramme
Fahima Rubayet AlanArtificial Intelligence and Digital MarketingPhD
Mir Baloch Social Marketing for Health Intervention in Baluchistan, Pakistan PhD
Katie Burke Co-Creation and Co-Destruction of Value at Music Festivals: A Practice Theory Approach PhD
Jennifer Ford Tourism impacts on residents’ and visitors’ quality of life: a study of two communities in Canada PhD
Sally-ann GooldChoosing Geographic Scales for the Analysis of Labour Market and Related StatisticsPhD
Ann Judith HolnessPolicymaking for Childhood Obesity in the UK: A System Dynamics ApproachPhD
Stelina Kanaki Using a mobile application to make healthier food choices: the role of emotions and body type in food decision making PhD
Matthieu Pierre Marie Leclerc-chalvetWhy does the Extent and Rate of Adoption of Innovative Healthcare Technologies Vary Between Cases?PhD
Kerry MckayWell-Being in HRM Practice. The Role of the HR PractitionerPhD
Diane Margaret Ivy MorradIs There Value in Intangibility? Brand, Payback and Learning in the Life Cycle of the SMEPhD
Jefferson Papis A Phenomenological study on the Meaning of Events PhD
Suket Parihar Privacy-public paradox in consuming digital social technology PhD
Zaki SellamUnderstanding the Choice of Contractual Arrangements in Asymmetric, Dyadic R & D Relationships in the Life Sciences SectorPhD
Karen Lai Yin TrimarchiChinese Cultural Values: Exploring its Influence on Malaysian Chinese Women's Career Experiences in MalaysiaPhD
Barbara WoodAuthenticity, integrity and sharing knowledge or manipulation of experience, restricting access and managing information? Who holds ownership and authority in the heritage sector and who controls user experiences?DHeritage
Oleg ZhurovThe Influence of National Cultures on the Ability of MNC Affiliates to Locally Adapt Global Marketing StrategiesPhD

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