Media and Communications Research Group

Understand, Critique, Engage, Participate

The University of Hertfordshire Media and Communications Research Group is based in the School of Education and has been set up to research in-depth all aspects of the burgeoning media world: film, television, radio, journalism, public relations, and social media.

Our research is carried out beyond the borders of the subject and is international in focus, including a range of interdisciplinary collaborations, with a strong focus on cultural, aesthetic, and socio-political aspects of media and communication

Our main objective is to develop both practical and theoretical research both in our own areas and in collaboration with academics and practitioners across other disciplines engaging with and participating in media texts, their histories, and conceptual frameworks, as well as the content and context of our contemporary media environment.

While we do carry out traditional forms of research researchers within the group also integrate newer methodologies, such as video essays and podcasts, into their research. Find out more on who we are, and our specialist research interests.

Our aims Who we are