Organisations, Markets and Policy

Based in the Hertfordshire Business School, Organisations, Markets and Policy Research Group (OMP-RG) is convened by Professor Hulya Dagdeviren.

The group conducts research on:

  • firms, corporations and other business organisations
  • financial institutions and financial markets
  • labour and product markets
  • public services and utilities

Researchers in Organisations, Markets and Policy are inspired by pluralist/heterodox perspectives in Business Studies (including Economics, Finance and Management), especially critical political economy and institutional economics.

Interests in the group focus on the fundamental entities of business studies in the global economy. Some of our work is theoretical, others is applied and has policy oriented focus. We employ and advocate interdisciplinary approaches in both areas.

Our research covers a range of sectors and institutions in different geographies, including the UK, Europe, Asia and sub Saharan Africa. The scholars in this group have expertise and interest in the following areas:

  • The socio-economic outcomes of the conduct of business organisations and markets, including various forms of economic inequality, unemployment and social/public provision
  • Critical perspectives on finance and accounting, including studies of financial cooperatives, financialisation, performance convergence, and governance and accountability
  • The nature, evolution and governance of business organisations, extending into the structure and governance of firms, corporations and markets and their implications in terms of the performance at various levels
Hulya Dagdeviren

Hulya Dagdeviren

Hulya Dagdeviren is a Professor of Economic Development at University of Hertfordshire.

She worked as an advisor for international institutions such as the United Nations Development Programme and acted as external evaluator for the EU research funding programmes. At present, she is the Co-editor in Chief of Competition and Change, an interdisciplinary journal, publishing high quality research on globalisation, financialisation and political economy.

Meet the team

Funded research projects


journal coverCompetition and Change is an international peer-reviewed journal, uniquely featuring theoretical, empirical and policy oriented research that aims to develop an understanding of the causes and consequences of competition and change with respect to globalization, financialisation and broader conceptualisations of restructuring capitalist relations.

The journal is interdisciplinary and welcomes contributions from a wide range of social science disciplines, including heterodox economics, political economy, critical research on work, management and organisation, economic geography, sociology, development studies and international relations.

Networks of Excellence

WINIR logoThe Organisations, Markets and Policy Research Group is engaged in networks of international excellence and attracts prestigious grants. Three members of OMP (Professor Geoffrey Hodgson, Dr. Francesca Gagliardi and Dr. David Gindis) hold board-level positions within the World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research (WINIR).

WINIR is a global network of around 500 members across 6 continents dedicated to the study of the nature, function, evolution, and impact of the institutions and organisations of economic and social life.

Research students

StudentResearch project titleQualification
Firas Abu YazbekTakaful Insurance Business - Comparison with Conventional, Challenges Confronting Takaful in the Middle East and Opportunities Towards GlobalisationDBA
Farid AhamedThe Role of Institutions in the Competitiveness of Bangladesh Economy: A Comparison of the Garment and Motorcycle IndustriesPhD
Olajide Timothy AjewoleThe moderating impact of formal and informal financial institutions on the growth of small and medium scale enterprises in the Nigerian manufacturing sector.PhD
Adebowale Olasunkanmi AkandeMarket Oriented Programmes for Rural Poverty Alleviation: A Study of AgResults in Nigeria.DBA
Tanweer AliFirms, ownership and corporate governance.PhD
Alex Ekow AsampongHow do Leaders of Culturally Diverse Work Teams Contribute to the Development of Intercultural Competence of Their Team Members in Multinational Companies in the Netherlands?PhD
Matthew Jonathan CadburyAn Investigation of the Link Between Trade Policy and Income Growth Through the Effect of Market Scale, with Emphasis on Developing CountriesPhD
Osaren EmokpaeAn exploratory study of how and why some Micro finance Banks overcome adversity and why others do not.PhD
Elmo Cavalcanta Gomes JrThe Replication of Organisational Routines in Franchise Systems.PhD
Joshua Tolulope FakunleThe Self-Governance of Commons and the Role of Household's Income Status: The Case of Forests in NigeriaPhD
Thuy Anh LeBank Lending and Corporation Financial Distress in VietnamPhD
Guy LeviUnderstanding loan refinancing decision making in investment property micro-business through the prism of risk managementDBA
Varikkavelil John MathewAn Exploration of the Impact of Money Laundering on the Financial Sector in IndiaDBA
Stamatis MitropoulosCreation, Dissolution and Sustainability of Labour-Managed Firms.PhD
Andrew Graham MulleyTacit Knowledge in Financial ServicesDBA
Jonathan MyersChanging the Tune: Conceptualising the Effects of the Global Financial Crisis on Stakeholder Perceptions of Corporate Value.PhD
Vivien OjadiBank Consolidation and Operational Risk Management.PhD
Lianne OosterbaanTenure Rights, Gender and Food Security in South India.PhD
Nana OseiThe factors that limit or enhance the effectiveness of microcredit for poverty reduction in the context of Ghana.PhD
Michelle Brazil RugnettaUnderstanding the Commercialisation of Innovative Medical Technology from a Co-Evolutionary Perspective.PhD
Zaki SellamUnderstanding the Choice of Contractual Arrangements in Asymmetric, Dyadic R & D Relationships in the Life Sciences SectorPhD
John Alexander SmithAn ecological stock flow consistent approach to financialisation and instability in the macroeconomyPhD
Zachary Richard StevensMass Media’s Influence on Policymaking Authority and Outcomes.PhD
Sharif Mohammad Borhan UddinThe Role and Contribution of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises in the Bangladesh Economy: A Sectoral AnalysisPhD
Masimba Trevor Taderera ZataAn empirical study on efficiency capacity and drivers in the UK insurance industry after the 2008 financial crisis.PhD
Oleg ZhukovNational cultures’ influence on the ability of MNCs’ affiliates to locally adapt global marketing strategies.PhD

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