Psychology And NeuroDiversity Applied Research Unit (PANDA)

Sharing knowledge to enhance both care and support for neurodivergent children/adults and their families.

We are a group of multidisciplinary researchers, professionals, parents/carers to children who are neurodivergent and neurodivergent individuals ourselves, who share a genuine passion to make a positive difference.

Our main aim is to carry out research informed by both adults and families living with neurodiversity and neurodevelopmental disorders to inform better services and support.

Importantly we hope to facilitate the first national group of postgraduates from different disciplines based at UK Institutions working and researching in the field of neurodiversity, to share and knowledge to drive research forward.

More information about our research can be found on our projects page. The research is hoped to create practical recommendations and interventions. We also publish our work in peer reviewed scientific journals and present our work at national and international conferences.

If you would like to learn more about PANDA or find more about getting involved in research-please contact the Director of PANDA (Dr Amanda Ludlow:

Amanda Ludlow

Dr Amanda Ludlow

Dr Amanda Ludlow is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology and Research Tutor for the school of Psychology, Sports and Geography.  She has previously taught at Goldsmiths College, Anglia Ruskin University and the University of Birmingham before joining University of Hertfordshire in 2014.

She has been a researcher in the field of neurodiversity for over 18 + years and is currently working with neurodivergent individuals (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Autism Spectrum Disorders, Tourette syndrome & Down Syndrome) their families and the charities offering support to them.  A mixed methods researcher, her research to date has largely focused around sensory processing in neurodiversity, and more recently on eating behaviours in children, adults and their families. Her vision for the PANDA is to be able to encourage more multidisciplinary research to promote inclusivity and positive wellbeing.

Meet the team

  • Dr Roberto Gutierrez
  • Dr Collen Addicott
  • Dr Caroline Heard
  • Dr Saskia Keville
  • Dr Barbara Rishworth
  • Dr David Welstead
  • Dr Janine Hawkins
  • Dr Karen Irvine
  • Dr Caroline Wyatt
  • Dr Nuala Ryder
  • Amanda Busby
  • Dr Joy Myint
  • Claire Adams
  • Dr Katerina Vafeiadou
  • Dr Lisa Whiting
  • Prof Wendy Wills
  • Dr Athanasios Tektonidis
  • Joe Copson (Paramedic and PhD Student)
  • Dr Silvana Mengoni
  • Professor Helen Payne
  • Flora Fortelius-Moring