Media Research Group

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  • The Media Research Group (MRG) in the School of Creative Arts is a dynamic group of researchers that work in a variety of media related topics. The group consists of photographers, animators, comic designers, performers, interactive, digital, trans-media and inter-media specialists, video game, film and TV practitioners and theorists as well as media and cultural studies scholars. We work alongside the Media Research Group in the School of Humanities and share many common themes.

    At the heart of our research is the exploration of how 21st century media interacts and converges. In our present digital age, media forms are increasingly interdependent and yet continue in their age-old traditions. With this in mind, the social, ethical and technical challenges presented by a study of such media form the basis of the research of our group.

    MRG members work within a wide range of media organisations including Sky TV, Warner Brothers, BFI, Elstree Studios, Sony PlayStation, CILECT and the UK Government’s Intellectual Property Office. Like other research groups, the MRG hosts a range of international conferences and symposia.

    The MRG includes the Games and Visual Effects Research Lab (G+VERL) and works with local cultural organisations and charities including The Elstree Project. Our work on digital comics is funded by the National Endowment for Science, Technology and the Arts.

    As with other groups, our research students are key members and benefit from world-leading academic expertise and state-of the art equipment.

    The Media Research Group meets on the first Wednesday of the month over the course of the academic year where we hold informal lunchtime discussion groups as well as formal presentations from visiting and internal speakers.

    We are able to supervise research degrees in a variety of media related subjects.

    Please contact Kim Akass, MRG leader, if you have subject specific enquiries or visit our Doctoral College for more information on research degrees.