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English and creative writing

Spark your curiosity and passion by exploring the fascinating fields of English language, English literature and creative writing.

Language is at the heart of communication and forms the fundamentals of all types of culture, trade, business and behaviours. Crossing borders and spanning generations, learning to use language effectively will position you to face business challenges on a local and global scale.

Alternatively, grow from passionate reader into critical thinker and skilful researcher whilst studying English literature. Your preconceptions will be challenged, and your horizons broadened.

Our programme will provide a fresh take on traditional writing and provide the opportunity to study contemporary works that speak directly to our everyday lives. The flexibility of our courses will also allow you to concentrate on those areas you find especially interesting.

Through creative writing, you will be able to ignite your imagination and bring your stories to life, experimenting with literary techniques whilst developing your unique voice. Taught by published authors you will be provided with critical insight which will be invaluable for your future career.

Why choose Herts?

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94.2% student positivity

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