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Gaining experience for your Personal Statement

When it comes to writing personal statements, you need to bring your A-Game. You need to prove that you deserve a place on the degree course you’re applying for.

It’s true that a key part of your Personal Statement is proving a genuine interest in your chosen subject and we recommend that applicants do this by analysing an experience they’ve had and relating it to the skills they’ll need on their chosen course. Physical work experience has been a fantastic way for applicants to do this but there are many virtual activities, that if analysed (and not just described or summarised) can reflect your dedication and passion to the subject. To appreciate this fully, please make sure you’re familiar with the ABC rule of analysing that’s explained in the Personal Statement online presentation.

We’ve put together activity ideas for different areas of study. We hope that these inspire and empower you. So have a look through the ideas on these pages and see which ones spark your interest. Have fun with this, you’ll be surprised at where your passion and a little creative thinking can take you.

You can contact us directly for any questions left unanswered. Plus, watch taster lectures and industry talks in our Tasterhub for extra inspiration.

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