Taster Lectures: accounting and finance

Watch our taster lectures to gain an insight into what it's like to study accounting and finance at university.

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This taster lecture is all about double entry bookkeeping: the foundation stone of accounting...
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Is it possible to beat the stock market?...

Double entry bookkeeping

This taster lecture is all about double entry bookkeeping – the foundation stone of accounting. Can it be explained in one short video? Well Tom thinks so!

About the speaker

Tom Clendon FCCA is a senior lecturer at the Hertfordshire Business School. He qualified as an accountant with KPMG. He is a published author and believes in keeping it simple.

Mathematics Taster Lecture

In finance, the Efficient Market Hypothesis (EMH) suggests that it is impossible to “beat the market” consistently. In this taster lecture we will explore the implications of this hypothesis and the evidence for and against it.

About the speaker

Carrie Ricketts is a Lecturer in Mathematics in the School of Physics, Engineering and Computer Science. She is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Carrie teaches several 1st and 2nd year mathematics modules, mainly for the financial mathematics programme, and coordinates the final year financial mathematics investigations.