Co-curricular courses

At Herts, you can fully immerse yourself in law and criminology. With thirteen co-curricular activities to choose from, you'll have lots of opportunities to improve your research expertise, build your confidence and gain vital networking skills. Perhaps you'll choose to spend time in our replica Crown Court, perfecting your technique? Or maybe you want to become a volunteer at Hertfordshire Beacon Victim Care Centre? Our co-curricular programme offers you the chance to gain experience and increase your skills, so you can graduate with much more than your degree. Check out our range of courses and watch our video to find out more.

Adjudication Being a Detective Client Interviewing Commercial Awareness Debating Forensic Psychology Mediation Mooting Pro Bono Activities Reading Law and more Restorative Justice Trial Advocacy Working with Offenders

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'I learnt a tremendous amount when studying Law. Besides the obvious academic studies, we had so many opportunities to get involved with extra curricular activities including mooting, debating, trips to Inns of Court and much more. It was a great experience which gave me the confidence to speak in public, how to research and shape an argument, analytical skills and gave me a basic knowledge of contract and employment Law which have been useful in the operational side of running a business.'

Natalie Pringle, LLB (Hons) Law

Co-Founder and Director, CMO and Programme Manager