Forensic Psychology

Explore the work of a forensic psychologist and understand the pathway to this career

Do you want to know more about forensic psychology? Are you interested in a career as a forensic psychologist? On this course, you’ll discover what a career in this field involves and how to qualify.

What does the course involve?

We will explore the work of a forensic psychologist and identify the skills and experience that are needed to help you with your future career path. You'll hear from psychologists that work in this field and who will tell us about their route into becoming a psychologist, and from researchers who work in this field to learn more about the research that they have undertaken.

How does it build on my degree studies?

The course is an excellent opportunity to understand more about the different careers open to criminology students. You will be able to apply what you have learnt on your degree course, broaden your knowledge and gain first-hand insights that will help to shape your career choices and prospects. At the same time, you will be contributing to your Go Herts Award.

What new skills will it give me?

You will develop a greater understanding of the role of a forensic psychologist and be able to make an informed decision as to whether this is the career path for you.

How can it help me open new doors?

Practical, first-hand experience is always a huge advantage when it comes to impressing future employers and this is a great opportunity to meet practitioners from across the forensic psychology and criminal justice sphere, benefiting from their insights and building your professional network.

two students in conversation with a lecturer