Forensic Psychology

Exploring how crime scene data is used objectively to support criminal and civil investigations

If you’re interested in a career such as Expert Witnesses in criminal justice proceedings, Criminal investigations: DNA analyst, Clinical forensic psychologist, or Risk assessment and treatment of offenders (Mental Health), it’s an opportunity to begin building specialist skills and experience, and take a closer look at what your career could involve.

What does the course involve?

We’ll explore the work of a forensic psychologist. You’ll learn what being a forensic psychologist involves, and how evidence can be gathered from a crime scene to support criminal and civil investigations. The course will identify skills to help your future career path, and there will be sessions involving; a mock crime scene, how to risk assess violent offenders, and we'll also look at what relevant experience and skills would be beneficial for you to gain.

How does it build on my degree studies?

The course is an excellent opportunity to build practical experience of working with offenders and the professionals who rehabilitate them. You’ll be able to apply what you’ve learnt on your degree course, broaden your knowledge and gain first-hand insights that help to shape your career choices and prospects. At the same time you’ll be contributing to your Go Herts Award.

What new skills will it give me?

The experience will help you develop a systematic approach to work, strengthening your analytical skills and ability to effectively present statistical information. It will also help you develop personally, growing in resilience and becoming more comfortable working with an element of personal risk. You’ll learn to be curious and take a non-discriminatory, non-judgmental approach.

How can it help me open new doors?

Practical, first-hand experience is always a huge advantage when it comes to impressing future employers and this is a great opportunity to get out in the world and start making a difference. You’ll also be working alongside practitioners from across the forensic psychology and criminal justice sphere, benefiting from their insights and building your professional network.