Being a Detective

Here’s an exciting opportunity for Criminal Justice and Criminology students to get a real and practical insight into criminal investigation. Presented by ex-Met Police Detective Inspector Ash Hornsby, you will get the chance to learn not only about the structure and individual components of an investigation but also how to meet and overcome some of the challenges that come with it.

Delivered in 4 parts, you will get the opportunity to try your hand. Following an initial presentation on Investigation, you will use both the knowledge gained and your own life skills/experience to try and solve 3 very different cases. Working in small teams, you will be confronted with different scenarios, each of which present different and increasingly complex challenges. With others, you will be required to look beyond the obvious, problem solve, make decisions and submit your findings orally or in written format, or both.

This is no place for textbooks! Rather, it’s about getting out of your comfort zone and the practical application of policing skills. It’s about thought, using your initiative and working together to establish what has happened, how and why, and who might be responsible.

Ash Hornsby

Born and raised in Yorkshire, Ash served for 8 years in the Army Intelligence Corps and later 24 years in the Metropolitan Police Service. He has lived and worked in Germany, the Falkland Islands, Italy and USA. His wealth of operational experience is matched only by a deep interest and passion for investigation, the truth and meaningful justice. Two rewarding careers spent almost entirely in investigative and intelligence roles, a significant part of his time in the police was spent on Homicide teams. He also has a wealth of experience in local policing, the investigation of Serious Sexual Offences and Public Order.

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