Commercial Awareness

You often hear that you need to have ‘commercial awareness’ to be employable. But what does it actually mean, why is it important and how do you become more ‘commercially aware’?

What does the course involve?

In this co-curricular you will learn about commercial awareness and what it is; how businesses work; how the City works; and discuss current business issues. You will have access to resources including talks, articles and podcasts. You will meet (online) every few weeks to discuss the important business news stories. You will have the chance to produce short presentations, blogs and podcasts to showcase your commercial understanding. You’ll hear from guest speakers, and take part in competitions and quizzes to keep you on your toes!

How does it build on my degree studies?

This co-curricular will build on your academic studies by helping you to see things from a different perspective. It will encourage you to ‘tune in’ to the commercial world and to engage with current business affairs, appreciating the relevance of the commercial world to the decisions of businesses and clients.

What new skills will it give me?

This course will boost your time management, research, teamworking and presentation skills. It will also increase your confidence in preparing for interviews and when networking.

How can it help me open new doors?

The skills you’ll learn on this course will open your eyes to the commercial world around you and the interaction between the law and the business world. It will support your general understanding of the business world and decisions being made on a daily basis, and help you understand the commercial situations behind the headlines.

male student at a conference smiling