Debating teaches you the art of researching, constructing and presenting an argument.

You will gain a skill that will help you in every aspect of your career and is particularly helpful when answering questions at interviews, especially if you are asked to do a presentation.

Debating gives you more confidence when giving presentations and enables you to break down complex information into short and clearly structured arguments.

Why choose debating?

Our debating co-curricular course enables you to develop these skill sets very effectively. You can hone your debating skills in workshop sessions before progressing to compete in our internal and external competitions. You may find that you are better at research than you are speaking, but by the end of the course everyone is able to make succinct arguments and undertake detailed research.

We have debated against other schools, and Herts students have also debated against the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS), in which our winning students have gone on to gain work experience placements within the CPS.