TDS LogoTenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS) is a government approved tenancy deposit protection scheme operating in England and Wales. TDS provide free, impartial dispute resolution for disputes arising at the end of a tenancy over the distribution of the deposit, paid by a tenant. Alternative Dispute Resolution is a large growth area in all aspects of legal and consumer issues. TDS are leaders in the industry and the voice of authority in relation to alternative dispute resolution for deposit disputes.

What does the course involve?

Led by the Head of TDS Adjudication Services and experienced Adjudicators, the course has been designed to include use of Kahoot, to provide you with an opportunity to step into the shoes of an Adjudicator. You will be immersed into real life end of tenancy disputes with claims made by agents/landlords against a tenant’s deposit. Commonly disputes include separate or multiple claims for cleaning, damage, redecoration, gardening and rent arrears. The role of TDS’s independent Adjudicators is to quickly analyse often a large amount of documentary-based evidence submitted by the parties and to make a decision, based on the principles of alternative dispute resolution, on how the deposit should be distributed.

How does it build on my degree studies?

It is a chance for you to widen your understanding and knowledge of alternative dispute resolution, build confidence in your ability to quickly decipher the issues in dispute and provide excellent writing practice by producing a well-structured, succinct and timely legally binding Adjudication decisions, all of which will be valuable for use throughout your chosen career path.

What new skills will it give me?

It will enable you to develop valuable transferable skills, such as analytical skills, an understanding of the decision making process behind resolving some difficult disputes where parties are often entrenched, demonstrate impartiality and hone your report writing skills, which when added to your CV will enable you to stand out amongst potential employers.

How can it help me open doors?

If you are interested in a career as an Adjudicator, the workshops may provide you with a head start in work experience with industry providers.

Time commitment

2 compulsory weekly, two-hour sessions – followed by 4 weekly two-hour sessions.

Career prospects

Teaches valuable skills for any legal or Alternative Dispute Resolution – deposit disputes, with a possible head start in any recruitment activity of TDS.

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