Centre for Climate Change Research (C3R)

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The Centre for Climate Change Research (C3R) addresses one of the most pressing challenges facing society. The Centre focuses on understanding the impacts from climate change on our society and in developing adaptation and mitigation strategies to aid the United Nations' sustainable development goals. C3R is a unique initiative that crosses all academic Schools of Study at the University of Hertfordshire, and cuts across all research themes. It brings together nearly 50 academic and research staff, making C3R one of the largest research centres at the University.

The Centre adopts an ‘impact driven’ approach in all its activities. It exploits higher resolution projections to quantify regional impacts of climate change (e.g. of extreme weather and air pollution), identifies options for sustainable futures for cities and investigates the potential of new, zero polluting fuels and other low carbon technologies. Our research programmes add significant value to understanding the impact of climate change and identify solutions - be they technological or societal - for adapting and mitigating against the impact.

Our research areas and activities, include:

  • Monitoring Climate and its' Impacts (MCI)
  • Prediction of Climate and its' Impacts (PCI)
  • Climate and Urban Systems (CUS)
  • Societal Impacts and Transition (SIT)
  • Climate Mitigation Solutions (CMS).

The Centre also hosts a seminar programme with internal and external speakers, as well as outreach and networking events.

Our research is sponsored through competitive funding from RCUK, Innovate UK, EC, DSTL, charities, Government, Met Office, Industry and many more.

Aerial footage of land

The Monitoring Climate and its' Impact (MCI) research group aims to explore the implications of climate change on a local, regional, national and global level...

Coconut sampling

The Societal Impact and Transition (SIT) research group will consider the ethical, legal, social and policy issues (ELSI-P) surrounding climate change technologies...

Cyclone deep layer wind shear

The Prediction of Climate and its' Impacts (PCI) research group sets out to improve the prediction of climate and climate change at local, regional, national and global levels...

Interaction of the spray  and wall during fuel injection in RCCI combustion​

The Climate Mitigation Solutions (CMS) research group explores trajectories of mitigation, adaptation and transmission towards net-zero emissions in different sectors....

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The Climate and Urban Systems (CUS) group applies the challenges of climate change to the urban scale...

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Our outreach and networking activities with local, national and international partners harness a wide range of expertise from across the University...

Two male students using laptop

We have a thriving community of post graduate research students conducting a wide variety of research...

Academic infront of class

Our research seminar series brings together our academic staff, external experts, current PhD students and early career researchers (ECR) to share advances in climate change...

Ranjeet Sokhi

Professor Ranjeet S Sokhi

Professor Ranjeet Sokhi plays a dual role as the Director of the Centre for Atmospheric and Climate Physics Research (CACP) and of the Centre for Climate Change Research (C3R).

He has nearly 200 publications with his research focusing on physical and chemical processes affecting air quality, exposure and health impacts on street, city and regional scales. He is an advisor for DEFRA, WHO, WMO and PHE and was a member of the UK Government’s Air Quality Modelling Steering Group and the Prediction Capability subgroup of AQSELG.

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