Heritage, Cultures and Communities research

This research theme spans a wide range of research that explores different cultures, heritage, and the ways in which contemporary communities create identities and social cohesion. It encompasses a variety of human endeavours from questions of ethics, faith, and gender, to the use of AI in the design of public spaces and buildings.

Researchers within the theme of Heritage, Cultures, and Communities investigate how these and other topics are translated and mediated through performance, narratives, images, and material cultures. Ultimately, we are working towards an improved future for our cities and communities.

The breadth of research within this theme highlights the interconnectedness of contemporary cultures and the ways in which our past and present influences our thinking about our future.

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Dr Samantha George

Dr Samantha George

Dr Sam George is Associate Professor in Research and the Convenor of the popular Open Graves, Open Minds Project at the University of Hertfordshire. Inspired by the eighteenth-century botanist Tournefort, who voyaged in search of plants and found instead a plague of vampires on the island of Mykonos (1702), Sam George’s research has taken a gothic turn. Following the publication of Botany, Sexuality and Women’s Writing (2007), her contribution to New York Botanical Garden’s Poetic Botany exhibition and the co-editorship of Women and Botany (2011); she founded with Dr Bill Hughes the gothic research group Open Graves, Open Minds. She now researches botany alongside the gothic, unearthing depictions of the vampire and the undead in literature, art, and other media, embracing werewolves (and representations of wolves and wild children), dark fairies, and other supernatural beings and their worlds.

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