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Research Theme Champion: Professor Frances Bunn (School of Health and Social Work)

Poor health impacts on the quality of life of those directly affected as patients but also on families, health systems and societies. Achieving and maintaining physical, mental, emotional and social health and wellbeing for all members of society is a major world-wide challenge.

Our research is focused on improving mental and physical health and wellbeing across the human life span. We can draw on a wide range of disciplines including health science, biomedicine, biomedical engineering and medical humanities, to produce research that makes a difference to people’s lives and that informs health care policies, patient care and therapies.

This page gives you direct access to some of our key projects and offers links to the Research Centres and Groups, degree courses, PhD opportunities, news and public engagement that come under the Health and Wellbeing research theme.

Key projects

Older people’s health

Older people’s health

Our research focuses on older people with multiple health and social care needs, including the oldest old and those with cognitive impairment, and how primary...

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A robot companion for autistic children

A robot companion for autistic children

KASPAR is a child-sized humanoid robot designed to help teachers and parents support children with autism...

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The aims of the 24-month project which started on 1 April are: to monitor, test, profile, and feed back into education and prevention knowledge relating to the ...

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Adolescent, child and family health

Adolescent, child and family health

Reflecting the global concern on increasing health risk behaviours and the national policy agenda for multi-sectoral and multi-location responses to the health ...

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Topical drug delivery and toxicology

Topical drug delivery and toxicology

The Research Centre in Topical Drug Delivery and Toxicology (TDDT) is an internationally renowned Centre of Excellence in the field, focusing on developing and/...

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Air quality in cities around the world

Air quality in cities around the world

The importance of research into air pollution and related health issues is high on the European agenda with many different estimates of mortality or morbidity b...

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Research Centres and Groups

Meeting room in the LRCHealth and Wellbeing Research at the University of Hertfordshire takes place across a number of Research Centres, Groups and disciplines:

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A female PhD studentWe offer one of the most diverse range of research degree programmes in the UK:

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