Societal Impact and Transition (SIT)

The Societal Impact and Transition Research Group will consider the ethical, legal, social and policy issues (ELSI-P) surrounding climate change technologies. Aligning itself closely with technical research strengths at the University of Hertfordshire, the Group will work across disciplines, forging connections to impact local and national climate change policy in its quest for decarbonisation of the economy.

The Group will work closely with the other research groups in the Centre for Climate Change Research to identify the societal impact of the technologies under development, and to integrate assessment and due diligence in the development stages in order to ensure better adoption and smoother transition to a decarbonised economy.

Research themes

The Group aims to address research themes, including:

  • law and behavioural change
  • sustainable transport
  • housing and energy
  • food supply.


Our seminars explore current developments in policy, locally, nationally and internationally, with a focus on identifying opportunities for impact. The sessions will include multidisciplinary speakers in order assess a whole range of issues, from technological development to its societal impact. It will draw from across different research groups across the different disciplines and include external speakers and agencies.