Space research

Research Theme Champion: Dr Philip Lucas (School of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics)

Our researchers work in diverse areas of Astrophysics, Atmospheric Physics and Mathematics, including both pure and applied research. We aim to expand human knowledge on scales ranging from microscopic quantum physics to the large scale structure of the universe, taking in planetary systems around other stars along the way.

Our research in atmospheric physics and light scattering also brings practical benefits in areas such as climate modelling, measurements of airborne pollution and bio-particle detection. Our work in astrophysics with very large, multi-dimensional data volumes helps to drive advances in computer science, visual representation and informatics.

This page gives you direct access to some of our key projects and offers links to the Research Centres and Groups, degree courses, PhD opportunities, news and public engagement that come under the Space research theme. You can also read about more Space projects.

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Research within the Space theme at the University of Hertfordshire takes place across a number of Research Centres, Groups and disciplines:

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