Food research

Research Theme Champion: Professor David Barling (School of Life and Medical Sciences)

Food is essential for human existence and provides a touchstone for research that promotes human and societal progress, while ensuring the sustainability of the earth’s natural resources and ecosystems.

The economy and society face grand challenges in terms of securing food productivity and resilience, while delivering positive impacts upon the environment, public health, and social relations.

Our research applies science and technology, and social and cultural investigation to food consumption and production, forging cross disciplinary collaborations between our different areas of expertise in order to inform and support industry, policy makers, the professions and civil society to meet these challenges.

This page gives you direct access to some of our key projects and offers links to the Research Centres and Groups, degree courses, PhD opportunities, news and public engagement that come under the Food research theme.

Latest news

  • We're helping to maximise quality food production post Brexit

    We're helping to maximise quality food production post Brexit

    The University of Hertfordshire has been awarded a £400,000 research grant jointly with the Royal Veterinary College (RVC), University of London, to investigate how ruminant production, marketing and policy systems...

    2 August 2018

  • Crop resistance works better together

    Crop resistance works better together

    A new study by academics at the University of Hertfordshire, published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, has shown that combining different types of crop resistance increases their efficiency at...

    31 May 2018

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