Climate change and sustainability

Breaking down barriers to tackling the global climate change emergency.

Research by the University of Hertfordshire is increasing our understanding of climate change, creating sustainable solutions to environmental challenges and empowering people to take purposeful action to protect our planet.

From flash floods to forest fires, we know that climate change is already affecting people’s lives around the globe.

We need to take urgent action to mitigate the detrimental impact climate change will have on our homes, our health and our way of life.

At Herts, we are committed to breaking down the barriers individuals and societies face in tackling the climate change emergency. Our researchers are leading game-changing multi-disciplinary research to increase our understanding of climate change. We’re collaborating with partners around the world to develop new technologies and create sustainable solutions for a raft of environmental challenges.

By investing in people with knowledge and the innovative solutions we need to make changes, we’re empowering more people to take purposeful action now to protect our planet.

Dr Phil Porter
Dr Chamu Kuppuswamy
Professor Ljubomir Jankovic
Professor Ranjeet Sokhi
Dr Doug Warner
Associate Professor Susan Parham
Dr Phusp Raj Tiwari
Dr Chris Stopford
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