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Assoc Prof Susan Parham

We’re in a climate emergency. As cities become hotter it will make life less bearable for the people who live and work there, particularly for more vulnerable groups of people. As the world adapts to climate change, urban planners have a key role to make towns and cities more resilient to the future climate change shocks that are coming.

Collaborating with industry to champion sustainable urban planning

Susan works with a wide range of public sector and industry partners to research how we can make the construction of our places, including the decisions made about materials used in the supply chain, more sustainable and resilient to climate change. Her research projects look at how the lessons learned from different planned places, such as Hertfordshire’s Garden Cities and the sustainable redevelopment sites in London and elsewhere can help inform sustainable urban planning today and into the future. Findings from her research are shared with the construction industry, policymakers and urban planners.

Partnering with Herts

Susan’s work is part of the University of Hertfordshire’s Centre for Climate Change Research (3CR). The centre brings together over 50 academic and research staff from all our Schools of Study to research one of the most urgent global issues affecting society.

The Centre for Climate Change Research collaborates with national and local government organisations, industry, research institutions and other universities here in the UK and internationally. Get in touch to discuss partnering with us to help power research into climate change challenges and solutions.

Associate Professor Susan Parham is Head of Urbanism and Planning and Director of the University of Hertfordshire Urbanism Unit.

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