Prof Ljubomir Jankovic

30% of carbon emissions originate from buildings globally. Without significant changes to new building design, the adoption of carbon-zero materials and sustainable retrofitting of existing buildings, ambitions of meeting net zero emissions targets by 2050 could be set back by several decades.

Pioneering sustainable building design

Ljubomir is founder of the University’s Zero Carbon Lab and collaborates with industry, government bodies and local authorities in the UK and internationally to stimulate wider and more urgent take-up of zero carbon building design and retrofit.

His research brings together design thinking with advanced computer modelling to solve the critical sustainability challenges affecting our urban environment, such as powering buildings with sustainable energy, better insulation and using zero carbon building materials. Zero carbon building design can not only reduce the cost of powering and heating a building but can also benefit people’s health through improved internal conditions.

Ljubomir is currently working with Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council in Hertfordshire to support its development of net-zero housing construction principles as part of his work informing the transformation of towns and cities into resilient, zero carbon communities.

Partnering with Herts

Ljubomir’s work is at an intersection between the University of Hertfordshire’s Centre for Climate Change Research (3CR) and Centre for Future Societies Research. The two centres bring together over 100 academic and research staff from all our Schools of Study to research a set of the most urgent global issues affecting society.

Both Centres collaborate with national and local government organisations, industry, research institutions and other universities here in the UK and internationally. Get in touch to discuss partnering with us to help power research into climate change challenges and resilience solutions.

Professor Ljubomir Jankovic is founder of Zero Carbon Lab and Director of the Centre for Future Societies Research.

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