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Dr Chamu Kuppuswamy

The rule of law underpins international, national and local level action to combat climate change. Chamu’s research explores this intersection between the law, climate change, sustainability and the environment.

Understanding the law’s role in climate change action

Chamu’s research explores the rights of Generation Z, who have become more motivated to protest and participate in activism as they fight to protect their future in the face of climate change. She is also researching the ‘greening’ of different fields of legal practice, such as contract law and human rights, and the innovative development of prototype legislation to fill regulatory gaps in environment and climate change policy.

Her work looks at how the rule of law can be used to encourage behaviour change in our everyday lives, and the need for it to be tailored equitably to different communities. She has recently drafted the Fashion Charter for South Asian artists, based on the global fashion industry’s charter spearheaded at an earlier COP summit, to encourage artists and designers in the region to be more sustainable in their design process, while recognising their differentiated needs.

Partnering with Herts

Chamu’s work is part of the University of Hertfordshire’s Centre for Climate Change Research (3CR). The centre brings together over 50 academic and research staff from all our Schools of Study to investigate one of the most urgent global issues affecting society.

The Centre for Climate Change Research collaborates with national and local government organisations, industry, research institutions and other universities here in the UK and internationally. Get in touch to discuss partnering with us to help power research into climate change challenges and solutions.

Dr Chamu Kuppuswamy is a senior lecturer and interdisciplinary researcher at Hertfordshire Law School. She’s passionate about protecting the natural environment as an individual in her spare time and volunteers as park ranger with the Peak District National Park.

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