Request a review or make a complaint

Request a review

If we have advised you that you do not meet our general principles of admission or that you do not meet the entry requirements of the course that you have applied for, you may ask for a review of that decision.

Student and applicant complaints

The University wants all applicants, visitors, students and staff to have a positive experience at the University. However the University is a large and complex organisation and we recognise that sometimes things can go wrong. If that does happen it is always best if you can resolve the matter locally and informally. If that is not possible then the University has a formal complaints procedure that applicants and students can follow.

If you are an applicant or current student at the University and want to complain, appeal or give feedback about any aspect of your application to the University of Hertfordshire or student experience then please refer to the following Policy:

UPR SA16: Student and applicant complaints 

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