2020 marked the 50th Anniversary of psychology at the University of Hertfordshire. Since 1970, we have helped thousands of students to obtain high quality degrees, pursue their careers, and make a positive contribution to society. Our research has been published in leading academic journals and gained an international reputation for both quality and impact.


Our undergraduate honours degree in psychology is taught by published authors and experienced researchers. It is accredited by The British Psychological Society and includes a study abroad option which helps to boost employability. We also offer several accredited postgraduate qualifications in business psychology, occupational psychology and research in clinical psychology. Plus, our MSc psychology conversion course is designed to help graduates from other disciplines switch to a career in psychology. We also offer opportunities to study for a PhD in Psychology and a highly successful Professional Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

The Doctorate in Clinical Psychology has been set up to prepare clinical psychology trainees to function effectively as clinical psychologists within the National Health Service (NHS) and in related settings. The 3-year University of Hertfordshire Doctoral Training Course has recently been re-accredited by the British Psychological Society and re-approved by the Health Professions Council.


Our research has been published in highly respected academic journals, and has gained an international reputation for quality and impact. This work is carried out within The Centre for Research in Psychology and Sport Sciences, and has made significant contributions to many areas of psychology, including health and clinical psychology, cognitive neuropsychology, learning, memory and thinking, and behaviour change. The centre has developed a vibrant research culture, is supported by excellent research facilities, and involves approximately 45 members of staff and over 70 research students. The centre enjoys collaborative research links with the NHS, universities, businesses and charities.

Teaching and Research Facilities

Observation Laboratory

This suite contains several remote-controlled HD cameras linked to an adjacent observation area via a two-way mirror. This laboratory also houses a 12-camera motion caption system and wireless Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets. A separate control room contains state of the art recording and editing facilities, along with the Noldus Observer system for the coding of live and recorded behaviour.

Research Suite

This newly created facility contains spatial awareness equipment, an acoustic booth and a Faraday cage for high quality EEG recording.

Undergraduate Laboratory

This specialist teaching space houses over 70 networked iMacs running a range of software including SuperLab, SPSS and NVIVO.

Postgraduate Laboratory

This room houses over 30 networked PC's running specialist software for postgraduate research, including Idiogrid, Gpower and Simul8.

Other equipment includes a high-quality eye tracking system, Biopac apparatus for physiological data acquisition and analysis, extensive psychology-based software (including statistics and neural net packages) and access to web-based platforms for online experimentation.

Psychology staff

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Alumni stories

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