About the School of Creative Arts

Welcome to the School of Creative Arts at the University of Hertfordshire. The School thrives through an effective community of students and tutors working together with an extensive network of industry contacts and graduates.

Our programme of teaching, School-wide talks, projects and events are based in a cluster of buildings surrounded by trees and sculptures at the corner of the College Lane campus.


The School has a friendly and vibrant atmosphere, and includes its own cafe, Art shop, Art and design gallery and Student Office surrounded by studios, digital suites and technical workshops, giving students the advantage of being focused in a small area with its own community, while having full access to the whole of the campus, including the 24-hour library facilities, Students’ Union, restaurants, accommodation and sports facilities.


The School is more than just a set of spaces - what makes us special is our team of more than a hundred teaching staff, assisted by a wide range of industry professionals and visiting lecturers, who take special interest in your artistic development and career. Our technical staff are second-to-none in their expertise and experience within their respective fields, many of them are artists and practitioners in their own right.


The community extends beyond the campus: we provide dozens of opportunities for you to meet and learn from professionals in the industry. From live projects with local and international companies, to work experience, to our extensive range of guest lectures and public events, which are all open and accessible to all students, we are at the heart of a community of students, tutors, researchers and professionals, which will nurture your growth as an artist or practitioner, and your future success in your field.

All of our courses - whether undergraduate, postgraduate or research - are designed to give you opportunities to develop your creativity, knowledge, skills and enterprise, which, combined over your period of study, enable you to succeed in employment and make other contributions to culture and society after graduation. The skills, knowledge and expertise you will develop in your time here are among the best in the world.



Hertfordshire is home to the majority of the UK’s media production, Leavesden and Elstree Studios, both of which host some of the top shows on British television as well as some of the most famous films in the world including Indiana Jones and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We have strong links with the major film and TV studios, all located within 45 minutes of our campus. In recent years staff and students have worked on major blockbuster movies including the Star Wars and the Harry Potter films.


London is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, a globally-recognised capital of arts and culture. At the University of Hertfordshire you can have the best of both worlds: the tranquillity, fresh air and safety of the countryside with unforgettable days and nights only a quick train ride away.

Being close to the capital means we have full access to a live and diverse music scene, with some of the biggest gigs being held there. British music is huge and London is also a hotspot for small independent labels too. Inspiration is never far away: the world’s greatest art galleries and museums are in London - the Tate Modern, National Portrait Gallery, British Museum, to name a few, all within a short distance. The best of the world’s fashion, design, art, music and film are all readily accessible from the university campus.

Global impact

We have programmes delivered in three countries, and students from more than thirty on the main campus. Every year we welcome dozens of exchange students from our partner universities in the USA, Japan, South East and South Asia, Singapore, Australia, Canada and from across Europe, and all of our undergraduate students have the option of completing a year of their studies abroad.

We run live projects internationally, and students travel to events and festivals every year. Staff deliver workshops and research at global conferences, and bring their contacts and experience back to the studios and workshops at College Lane. We bring international guests in to speak and advise students in lectures, masterclasses and workshops.

Students can choose to complete a work experience year in the UK, or study abroad, and many of our graduates are forging successful careers across the world. We work with global brands and companies to provide experience and education to all of our students and graduates.

Powering potential

We drive economic growth and influence industry through research, innovative thinking and bespoke training that helps businesses achieve their potential.

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