Sandwich year

As part of your degree, you can undertake a sandwich year (also known as a placement year) where you work in the industry for a year to help you gain valuable work experience, and explore your future career possibilities. Undertaking a sandwich year, also makes you highly desirable by employers upon graduation as you put your knowledge into practice and develop transferable work-based skills, like communication, time management and problem solving, in real-life scenarios.

Students who choose the sandwich route find it helps with both, their studies and getting a job after graduation. Both full-time and part-time courses can be studied in a sandwich mode, combining study with approved work experience.

Sandwich courses offer an opportunity for supervised, and fully accredited relevant work experience (placement) within your chosen discipline. Prior to embarking on a sandwich course, your placement job will be assessed by your tutors to ensure that your experience will be relevant, safe and useful to you in your career progression.

Taking a placement year helped me grow the skills that I had learnt at university. It’s a great way to put your learning into practice and get a taste of the real world! Especially if you have a set career in mind.

Avneet Chugh