Communities, Young People and Family Lives

The Communities, Young People and Family Lives Research Unit, is a multi-disciplinary team of researchers with research interests broadly addressing aspects of family lives, health and well-being across the life-course.

We lead and collaborate on research projects addressing understandings of young people’s physical and mental well-being; caring for children with complex needs and, at the other end of the life-course, older people’s care needs and end of life care.

A key aspect of our work is research exploring the impact of intersectionality particularly relating to sexual orientation and gender identity.

Newly developing areas of work including researching the family lives of children and young people living in or with difficult circumstances (such as parental separation/parental or sibling serious illness; living with a long term chronic illness). This includes questions of what resources, support and interventions children, young people and their families may draw upon in such circumstances.

Unit staff