BA (Hons) Marketing

Key information

Why choose this course?

  • One of only four CIM strategic University UK partners
  • 79% of students received a first or 2:1 (2022) and are highly employable
  • A practical coursework-based degree focused on real life challenges

Marketing professionals are innovative drivers, fundamental to the success of any organisation, whether consumer, industrial, public, private or a charity.

Learn how to adopt a marketer's mindset, as you discover how to clearly identify, creatively attract and compellingly engage an audience, on our CIM award winning degree.

Thrive as you learn to connect businesses with what people want and understand how to communicate the value of products and services.

Define your own strategies for success, with a supportive team committed to helping you find your path, assisting you by providing several learning options, one-on-one tutoring, and other resources.

HBS maintains strong relationships with professional bodies and business connections. Meet entrepreneurs–in–residence, business ambassadors and industry leaders at networking events or in guest lectures through our Business Academy.

Graduate ready to take your place in an exciting, magnetic and diverse industry, with a wide knowledge base adaptable to a variety of marketing fields, both agency and client-side.

Many former students now have positions with consumer-facing businesses like L’Oreal, Bosch, Disney, Danone, and BMW as well as in government agencies like the House of Commons, and B2B corporations like Iris, Microsoft, Ipsos, and IBM. Saatchi & Saatchi and JWT London are just two of the many advertising firms that employ former HBS students.

Our Staff 

Your course is guided by an enthusiastic and competent team with extensive experience in the sector, helping you link theory to reality. In addition, we collaborate with outside organisations to keep things current. 

Alongside your teaching team, you will benefit from a dedicated academic support team, a well-being team and a personal tutor to help you adjust to the demands of university learning & living. 

What's the course about?

The principles of marketing haven’t changed, but technology has - fundamentally altering the way it is delivered. You will be introduced to the essentials of marketing, and the digital tools of modern marketing. You will learn how to understand target audiences, as well as how to create and deliver effective content to engage them.

Develop your interest and nurture your individuality with a variety of modules, including content creation, social media and social influence, digital venture creation, branding and communications strategy.

While a firm grounding in theory is essential, what really matters is how that theory can be applied in the real world. Go beyond the textbooks with the tools and resources you need to understand what theory means for modern businesses and aspiring business owners.

There's a direct connection between what you learn in class and certifications you can earn from organisations like Google, Hootsuite, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Since the disciple encompasses written, numerical and creative skills, you get to choose modules that appeal to you, as you discover what you truly love about marketing. Finish our programme with a firm grasp of what successful marketing is and an understanding where your strengths lie.

Since the first year is the same as BA (Hons) Advertising & Digital Marketing, if you have a more creative outlook, you may choose to swap at the end of the first year.


Where you’ll study 

Your learning experience will happen on our modern de Havilland campus, with self-study materials to support you from our virtual learning platform, StudyNet. 

Hertfordshire Business School is located within a large University campus, at our de Havilland site. You’ll be sharing this campus with others studying business, law, sports, education, and the humanities, as well as the Sports Village, which features a gym, swimming pool, coffee shop, and climbing wall and our Enterprise Hub. 

There are dining options, a bar, and a recreational space on campus where you can shoot some pool or play video games. The Enterprise Hub is a vibrant destination where local firms and students can work and learn in comfort. In addition to open study spaces, our Learning Resources Centre also features private study rooms, and is open 24/7 allowing you to study around your schedule. 

The student union bar and additional facilities are only a 20-minute walk or short bus ride away at our second campus. Student housing is available at both campuses. 

What will I study?

Begin with core marketing modules (4 per semester) before moving on to more focused ones.

Each module has a minimum of two hours of in-person teaching per week. You also need to do independent learning, accessing online content as well as recommended books, videos, and podcasts to help you.

The theory is just the beginning. You are encouraged to use what you learned in real-life situations and work with local businesses to solve their marketing problems. Work on projects, give presentations, and figure out how to solve problems in teams.

In the first year, get a broad base of marketing knowledge, understanding key concepts and topics. If you are very creative, you may prefer to switch to BA (Hons) Advertising and Digital Marketing at the end of this year.

In the second year, hone your knowledge of marketing fundamentals like customer behaviour and quantitative analysis. In addition, gain expertise in digital marketing, social media marketing, innovation, people management, and market research.

In the final year, get your teeth into marketing practise through your dissertation, an industry study, or modules such as integrated communications.

There are also opportunities to further enrich your personal development through our GoHerts program, placements, internships, study-abroad and Future Success team events.

As a marketing placement student I worked for L’Oréal where I led the artwork process for the Garnier Skincare UK Team, working on the packaging available in stores across the UK and worldwide. This was an opportunity to be at the heart of a brand-new campaign launch, overseeing the process and challenges of bringing new products to the market.

Thomas George Mernagh

Marketing UG placement student

Student Blogs

Kamila - A typical day

My typical day

My typical day at university starts with revising materials for the subjects that I will have lectures from on that day. I revisit both recorded lectures and my notes that I gathered from tutorials. This allows me to keep consistency in my learning and allows me to be prepared.

After that, I leave the house and go to the gym. I study on the de Havilland campus, which makes it very convenient for me to combine keeping healthy with studying. The gym is located in the main building. When I am done with working out, I grab a meal at the restaurant, which is only a one-minute walk away. Since I started using the restaurant, I have saved money on food and time on preparing it! I really appreciate the fact that all the facilities are so close to each other which is a massive time saver; I don’t have to make multiple trips. This makes working everything around my university schedule easy.

During the lecture presentations, I follow along on my computer, make notes and try to be active (sometimes it earns you extra points!) After lectures me and my friends use the Learning Resource Centre (LRC) to study together and work on group projects. Sometimes we stay in late and grab a coffee from the LRC café which comes in handy!

Grocery shopping is what usually comes next. I and my flatmates pick up our reusable bags and head towards either ASDA or Aldi, which are about 10 minutes away from the de Havilland Campus. We try to shop for a whole week’s worth of food just once but somehow, we always end up going there every two days ;).

My typical day usually finishes with making popcorn and watching a movie with my friends after I have worked on my individual projects.

Student Blogs

Kamila - Things you should know

Things you need to know before studying Events Management & Marketing at university

Hi! Here are a couple of things worth knowing before you decide to study Events Management & Marketing!

Workload 📚

Don’t fear the joint courses! You won’t be studying twice as much, and you won’t be buried in work! Comparing my course with my friends, who study either only Marketing or only Event Management, I have realised that a joint course brings together the best of both worlds and allows you to have a bigger overview of the matter. What more can you ask for? 😇


Consistency is key! There is nothing more important than revising regularly and making sure you have done the required reading for the next lecture. It is the best way to learn and makes exam revision way easier. Having said that, don’t stress over missing a revision session once or twice – we all need rest sometimes!

News 📺

Since it is a subject that is taught within the Business School, you will be needed to follow along with any business news that might be applicable. It will be useful not only during your lectures but also later when writing exams. Many times, exam questions will ask for examples from current world situations. Make reading at least one news channel your daily habit and you’re good to go!

Hands-on experience 🖐

Throughout the course, lecturers will be sending out suitable work opportunities they find. Make sure that you try to get at least one job experience. Choosing to go on a placement year is also a promising idea. Having experience is a huge plus to have on your CV (Curriculum Vitae) and future career prospects! If you’re not sure how to go through the recruitment process, Careers and Employment will help you with that. Just book an appointment!

Overall, I am sure you will have an amazing experience on this course, I certainly have! 😊

Student Blogs

Kamila - Why I chose Herts

Why I chose Herts

When deciding on which university to choose I was thinking about many factors. I tried to consider both academic life and my free time. Academically, I chose Herts because of the amazing Business School. I was convinced that the lecturers will provide me with all the knowledge that I will need when starting my career and I was not wrong. Even during my first work experiences I have references and went back to what I learned in the university multiple times.

I also decided to go to Herts because of its facilities. I have lived on both campuses and used both Learning Resource Centres (LRCs), which turned out to be amazing! They not only have teaching materials but also have quiet zones that will help you study and write your assignments. I am also a health-oriented person and having a gym on both campuses came in handy. I was able to go there straight from my classes saving me time. The food available at the restaurant has also been useful when I forgot to pack lunch or was too busy to make one.

When choosing a university, it was important to me for it to have nightlife. When will you party if not in your early 20s, right 💃?! Fortunately, Herts has an amazing club with many themed parties that will keep you up all night! If you don’t enjoy dancing and just want to grab a drink with your friends, EleHouse is your place to go.

After studying in Herts for three years, I can honestly say these were some of the best experiences of my life. I have made amazing friends for life, grown as a person and received a great education. If I could make the decision again, I would choose Herts without a doubt! 💞

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Student Blogs

Sarah - Unibuddy

Alumni headshot

Alumni Stories

Ashley Joseph

Meet Ashley Joseph who has combined his social media skills and his passion for football to forge a successful career

Read more stories Find out more about this course
Current job roleDigital and Social Media Manager
Year of graduation2014
Course of studyBA(Hons) Marketing and Advertising
Ashley Joseph

Ashley is currently the Digital and Social Media Manager at the Football Foundation. He manages the Foundation's social media output and digital projects.

Time at Herts

Ashley knew in his final year that he wanted to work in social media and he has combined this with his passion for football. His first opportunity arose with the Middlesex FA back and he hasn't looked back since.When reflecting on his time at the University Ashley feels it played a huge part in his development. ‘My course was great. It covered a wide range of marketing principles which helped make me a more rounded and employable person than many of the other people in my industry.Some of my final year projects where we had the ability to be as creative as possible really helped set me up for some of the things I have encountered in the working world. The fact that the course also offered an optional placement year (which I took up) helped me to secure a job very soon after graduating.’

Words of advice

Ashley is very forthcoming when giving advice for anyone hoping to get into the industry, ‘Use your spare time and summer holidays to get as much practical experience as possible. Internships and placements are invaluable even if it's just a few weeks here and there.’.

And when talking about the social aspect of University life he says, 'Get involved in as much as possible. Societies, clubs, events; just do as much as possible as you'll meet some great people and it will help you become a better more rounded person. '.

What the future holds

Ashley has set his sights high and adds, ‘I want to continue in the football industry and hopefully work my way up to a marketing manager/social media manager role at a big football club. I'd love to work abroad too.’.

Alumni headshot

Alumni Stories

Francesca Francois

Meet Francesca Francois who has had a rich career since graduating. Francesca now works as a Marketing Manager.

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Current job roleMarketing Manager
Year of graduation2010
Course of studyBA(Hons) Marketing and French

University experience

Francesca had a good feeling when she walked around our campus. She visited us three times, just to make sure we were the right choice for her. We certainly were, as Francesca met her husband at Herts, and after twelve years together they married in 2017. She tells us that some of the friends she met at university, she couldn’t live without.

Francesca enjoyed her studies and learnt a lot about working with different types of people. Having the opportunity to learn business, marketing and French within one degree allowed her to fully understand the career she would soon enter. The curriculum interested her, and she welcomed the relevancy of the modules, such as global marketing and corporate social responsibility. Her placement year gave her valuable experience which helped Francesca find employment when she graduated.

Career progression

Francesca has had a rich marketing career. Highlights include working as a marketing manager for Hamleys and her current role as a Europe marketing manager. Francesca says that the key to her successes have been believing in herself and continuously learning. In the future, Francesca would like to set up her own marketing and events company and hopes to offer internships to students at the University of Hertfordshire.