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This application form allows international non UCAS students to apply for courses at the University of Hertfordshire.

Before you begin

Please ensure you have read the guidance before you apply in case your course requires any additional information as part of the application.

The application form has six pages which will need to be completed. Once you start your application form, you must complete it in full in order to submit your application. You will not be able to save it half way through. However, you will be able to contact us by email to make any changes.

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Our September 2024 intake is open for applications. Use the form below to apply. You can progress to the next page by clicking 'Next' and 'Submit' on the the final page to submit your application.

Once you have submitted your application, you will receive a confirmation email with your application number. Please keep this number as it is your application reference number, should you need to contact us.