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Why study mathematics?

Mathematics is an essential tool used everywhere, everyday in many fields. Ever present but often unseen, it helps shape technological, economic and scientific progress – from calculating journeys to far away planets, to developing treatments for disease and determining successful investment strategies.

Our Department of Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics offers highly flexible degrees allowing you to specialise in your areas of interest.

Develop your analytical skills and logical reasoning, which along with our strong professional connections, will prepare you for employment in a range of careers including engineering, medicine, natural and social sciences and sports analysis.

Your career in mathematics

Britain has a national shortage of mathematics graduates, so once you graduate, you will be highly valued and able to apply your skills to an exceptionally wide range of careers.

Previous graduates have become financial consultants, business analysts, engineering consultants, programmers, statisticians, credit analysts, meteorologists and environmental analysts.

Did you know... Our highest achieving Mathematics graduates earn an average of £44,600 five years after graduating? This is above the average of the typical graduate. (Longitudinal Education Outcomes Survey, 2017)

Students will be eligible for membership of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications.