Mental Health and Organisational Development

Our vision is to affect positive change in mental health and within the work place.

Mental health

We believe that mental health is important to everyone and taking the lead in promoting awareness is the first step towards change. Our work within this area specialises in responding to changes within mental health awareness and provision.

Organisational development

Within the School of Life and Medical Science we have a range of specialists who use psychological principles and research to help organisations identify and respond to needs within their workforce. This includes transformation of services, managing change, how to get the most out of employees, enhancing value to customers and maximising efficiency and sustainability.

An inter-professional network

Across the School of Life and Medical Science we have a range of specialists within mental health and organisational development. These include Pharmacists, Clinical Psychologists, Organisational Development Consultants, Sports and Exercise Psychologists and cross curricular researchers.

We also engage with other specialist departments across the University that deal with mental health and organisational development such as the School of Health and Social work and the Business School.

We aim to bring together these skills and knowledge to develop research, inter-professional educational and training programmes and consultancy work.  Together we respond to the changing needs and developments within mental health and organisational development. Our work aims to enhance business activities through a contemporaneous approach.

Our work is kept up to date by having stakeholders at the very centre of involvement, allowing them to influence the processes of new concepts and most importantly how these ideas are best implemented across professional and organisational boundaries.

Key staff within the School

  • Jackie Knight, Head of Mental Health and Organisational Development
  • Dr Angela Holland, Head of Psychology and Sports Sciences
  • Dr Mike Page, Head of Research and Consultancy
  • Professor Ken Farrington, Head of Research and Development
  • Dr Barbara Mason, Senior Clinical Tutor
  • Dr Christeen George, Programme Tutor MSc Industrial and Work Psychology
  • Dr Stephen Pack, Senior lecturer, HCPC Registered Sport and Exercise Psychologist
  • Laura Kravitz, Principal Lecturer, Clinical Practice, Programme Tutor
  • Nick Reed, Organisational Development Consultant, Visiting Lecturer
  • Dr David Wellstead, Psychology Researcher (CLiCIR)

Programmes of study

Our courses that cover Mental Health range from: MSc Mental Health, Masters of Pharmacy (and research into medical solutions to mental health issues), Business and Industry Psychology as well as the Doctorate in Clinical Psychology.

Aside from longer qualifications we also offer both accredited and non-accredited short courses and modules for professionals who are interested in refreshing their knowledge and skills or just want to stay on top of new advances. We also offer bespoke training to suit your organisations needs.

Business support and consultancy

We offer business support and consultancy within both Mental Health and Organisational Development. Businesses and individuals can take advantage of our inter-disciplinary approach and the combined research and skill set from this. We work with a wide range of organisations from commercial businesses, public sector agencies, colleges, social enterprises and charities, both in the UK and Internationally.

Find out more about Business support and consultancy or contact us for more information by email: or phone: +44 (0) 1707 286406.

Case studies

Improving quality and achieving better results

The health and social care sector comprises of many differing subdivisions, therefore requiring a collaborative, flexible, and tailor made approach. There are many courses that have been developed into a mutually rewarding relationship with a large number of organisations across multiple fields within both the private and public sectors.

Professional development

This course has enabled representatives to develop knowledge and skills required for service transformation, service improvement and improving quality that has led to achieving better results. Ability to engage in on-line learning regarding contemporary NHS policies affecting service redesign and business planning in the world of health and social care delivery.

Investing in the mental health workforce and services

Representatives from the mental health workforce or those health and social care professionals with an interest in Psychiatry / Mental Health have attended regular short courses bespoke to speciality, on-line modules and conferences.

Bespoke courses

Key achievements for workforce development have encompassed: Reflecting on key themes associated with diagnosis, treatment interventions, dual diagnosis, substance misuse and addictive behaviours. Highlights for our customers have been learning new approaches to support service improvement and exploring the challenges faced by all stakeholders in clinical practice.